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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island surrounded by the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean. Set amidst sandy beaches, mountains and valleys Puerto Rico is a tropical island that is visited by many travelers all over the year. So if you are planning for a trip to Puerto Rico, just read below! Here at we offer you with all the detailed information about this beautiful tropical island.
How to reach Puerto Rico: There are total 30 domestic and international aiports at Puerto Rico. Both domestic and international flights operate here. Popular airlines having their flights at Puerto Rico include British Airways, Delta, American Eagle, PanAm, KLM, Flamenco and many more.

Best time to visit Puerto Rico: Being tropically located, the temperature is hot round the year in Puerto Rico. The usual temperature of the island is around 26 degree Celsius. However the ideal time to visit Puerto Rico to get the actual charm of the island is during the month of December and April. May and November are comparatively less rush season when only a few people come to this island.

Currency of Puerto Rico: US dollar is the currency of Puerto Rico which is often referred as peso.
Accommodation facilities at Puerto Rico: There are various categories of accommodation facilities in Puerto Rico that will surely serve the purpose and fit the pocket of every travelers. Some of the hotels are located in the most popular areas of the island like the San Juan area.There are also many government sponsored inns also available in Puerto Rico. Many beach resorts are also available with best accommodation facilities in Puerto Rico.

Shopping at Puerto Rico: San Juan is the most metropolitan area of the island and is the best shopping district of Puerto Rico. The Plaza Las Americas is the most popular shopping malls of Puerto Rico which houses hundreds stores. You can buy souvenirs for friends, gifts, clothing, electronics or any other merchandise at these shops.

Wish you have a memorable trip in this colorful island of Puerto Rico!

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