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France is one of the top 10 countries of the world that is visited by travelers from all over the world. France has everything that a traveler could think of! Just go on reading to discover what France has in store for you only at our site

Paris, the capital city of France, is the gateway to any holidaymakers at France. The picturesque cities with monuments, art and culture, good food and wine, France has just everything you can dream of! Other popular destinations in France are Cannes, Bordeaux and Lyon.
Geography of France: The northern portion is bordered by the beautiful hilly regions of Brittany and Normandy. The sand beaches and the coastal towns will give you a memorable holiday at France. Western part of France is bordered by the Atlantic coast. The Alsace, Lorraine and Burgandy regions mark the eastern border of France. Also world famous French wines are produced in this regions including the Yellow wine of the Jura mountain vineyard. The central France is most well known for its architectural wonders. Marseille and Toulon are the major attractions in southern France.

If you love to ski, there are some magnificent skiing resorts in the Alps region. Hiking and skiing are the most popular sports in this region during summer. However there many small towns in the Alps that have grown as well known tourist attractions.

Best way to go to France: France is well connected by air, bus and rail. If you are visiting France from Great Britain, you can try out the Eurotunnel which is one of the best possible ways to reach to France. There are also many cheap budget airlines that have regular flight services to Paris and other France cities.
Accommodation facilities in France: there are plenty of hotels and other accommodation facilities throughout France. Ranging from deluxe and luxurious hotels there are also many standard budget hotels which will serve the need and purpose of every travelers.

France restaurants: If you are a food lover, you will simply love to be in France! Apart from delicious French cuisine other international cuisine are also available in the restaurants of France. Do not forget to taste French wines for once at least!

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