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Amongst the island nations in the world that have gained their importance as the tourist destinations along with the countries of the world, Fiji has her prominence. The island country- Fiji is bordered in the southern part by Tuvalu, western part by Tonga and eastern side by the Pacific Ocean. World also knows Fiji as the home to three hundred and twenty two islands. Some of the islands are small islands or islets that are the interest of the adventurous tourists. One hundred and six islands of Fiji are inhabited permanently. Suva is known as the capital city of Fiji being also the largest of the cities of Fiji.
Fiji has something special that draws travelers from all parts of the world. Amongst the most interesting activities in Fiji tourists find the exclusive chances of traveling throughout Fiji through sightseeing in Fiji, day tours in and around Fiji, island travel in Fiji, aerial sightseeing in Fiji, etc.

For accommodation in Fiji you will find different types of Fiji hotels dot the several parts of the island country. The top hotels in Fiji that are often opt by the travelers of Fiji are Yasawa Island Resort, Vomo Island Resort Mamanuca, Vatulele Island Resort, Treasure Island Resort, Koro Sun Resort Vanua Levu, Castaway Island Resort Yasawa, etc.

The islands in Fiji are the hot destinations in Fiji that make Fiji as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Tivua Island, Aqualand, etc. are some of the islands that attract travelers for their stunning aspects. The beaches in Fiji are nourished by the Fiji islands are also often haunted by the travelers for their scenic beauties. Several types of outdoor activities of Fiji are housed by the beaches of Fiji and the islands in Fiji. The lovers of cruising can find their own world offering exquisite chances to enjoy cruise tours in Fiji.
Tourist will find several destinations to enjoy sightseeing in Fiji. A fascinating world of flora and fauna awaits for their lovers in the islands. You can visit the Orchid Island Fijian Cultural Center. It is at Suva. The travelers will find the island as an embodiment of the natural world of Fiji. Spend a whole day amidst the stunning world of the island. For exclusive sightseeing throughout Fiji you can also choose the Fiji Museum. The museum displays a wonderful collection of different objects. You can know about the past of Fiji. Various instances of Fijian culture attract the travelers of the museum.

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