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Widely famous as one of the biggest cities of the world with a population of around 12.64 million, Tokyo makes its mark in the map of the world. The capital city of Japan is not only famous for its population but also as a tourist destination and business center. Rapidly growing as a developing industrial hub, Tokyo is popularly stated as the activity center of politics, economy, and culture of Japan.
If you are planning to take a trip to Tokyo, enhance your knowledge about this place with help of our website. The location of Tokyo is in the center of Japan’s archipelago and around the southern part of Kanto area. You will get to enjoy a variety of diverse landscape at Tokyo. As the land extends from east to west, enjoy the natural beauties of hills, plateaus and scattered mountains.

As Tokyo is located in the temperate zone, the climate at Tokyo is moderate and comfortable throughout the year. It is hot and humid with typhoons in summer where as the winter is long and dry. Starting from late June to mid July, rainy season prevails and on an average humidity gets high every day at Tokyo. Broadly speaking, Tokyo enjoys 4 seasons:
  • Spring: March to May. The initial days of spring are cold but by the month of May, the weather gets warm. But be prepared to enjoy days with cold morning and evenings.

  • Summer: June to August. After rainy season, the temperature soars to 30 C° along with humidity.

  • Autumn: September to November. In the initial days of autumn, summer temperature prevails. But in general, the temperature in autumn is pleasant and soothing.

  • Winter: December to February. Temperature falls to around 20 C°. In some areas of Tokyo, there is light to heavy snow fall.
Tokyo is visited by increasing number of people every year. The high skyscrapers and high style of living makes the place famous for a luxurious trip. While on a tour to Tokyo, make sure you try the various cuisines of Tokyo which includes the traditional Japanese Cuisine, local favourites and health oriented gourmets. Traditional Japanese cuisine: sushi, Kaiseki Ryori, Teishoku, Kaiten Zushi and more. Local Favourites: Izakaya, yakitori, Yoshoku and Ramen and more. Health Oriented Gourmet: Shojin Ryori, Tofu Ryori, Yasai Ryori etc.

Tokyo is full of various beautiful and interesting places. Some of the famous tourist spots at Tokyo are given below:
  • Asakusa-Kannon Temple
  • Imperial Palace
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Ueno Park
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Kanda
  • Ginza
  • Korakuen Park
  • LTokyo Disneyland theme park
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