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The Republic of Panama has its biggest city and metropolitan area, the Panama City, positioned at point where the Panama Canal falls into the Pacific Ocean. Panama City is also the capital, as well as the administrative and political hub of this Central American country. In 2003 Panama City, established on the 15th of August in 1519, was declared to be the American Capital of Culture in the year 2003.

Panama City was founded by one of the colonial administrators of Spain, Pedro Arias de Ávila.
Within a few years after the city was founded, the Panama City developed into a starting point for the Peru conquests and journeys and also a point of transfer for silver and gold to Spain via the cape. Henry Morgan, the English pirate aggressed and plundered the Panama City with the aid of a group of 1400 persons. The ruins of the old Panama City which was destructed by fire soon after Henry Morgan’s attack, happen to be one of the best attractions in the country. The city was reestablished in 1673 in an entirely different location within almost 5 miles in the southwest from the original location of the city. The formation of the Panama Railroad Company one year prior to the beginning of the California Gold Rush created traffic due to the passage of more than 375,000 travelers crossing the cape from Atlantic to Pacific and 225,000 persons from the Pacific to the Atlantic. This formation of traffic amplified the riches of the city of Panama. The brightly-colored buses and the flights operated to and from the Tocumen International Airport are the primary modes of transportation in the Panama City.
The Tocumen International Airport Direct scheduled flights are operated between places like New York, Washington D.C, Newark, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta and Madrid, and the Panama City. The pictorial Panama City, set amidst lush tropical forests along the Pacific coastline, is home to a wide array of major tourist destinations and numerous famous hotels and restaurants. The old quarter of the city includes several interesting locations like Las Bóvedas, The Cathedral at Plaza de la Catedral, The Frecnh Embassy, The National Institute of Culture Building, Museo del Canal Interoceánico, Palacio de las Garzas, Teatro Nacional, Ancon Hill, Parque Natural Metropolitano and the restaurants close to the French Embassy. Our site offers important info on Panama City. If you want to know more about other Cities of the World, click promptly on the other links on our site
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